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December 5, 2016
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December 5, 2016
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Hindustan Power’s Annuppur project gets hydro test certification

Hindustan Powerproject’s thermal project in Annupur, Madhya Pradesh, crossed a critical landmark towards its commissioning by receiving a Hydro test certification for the unit 2 Boiler- phase 1.

The test is performed as per Indian Boiler Regulation guidelines and involves pressurising the boiler to 1.5 times its design pressure for erecting, welding and radiographically testing the pressure parts, which include the portion of the boiler in which water and steam flow in the Boiler.

The Madhya Pradesh power plant is scheduled for commissioning in the current year for its first phase for 1,200 MW, which will mean completion in record time. Reflecting on the power plant’s progress, Mr. Ratul Puri, Chairman, Hindustan Power Projects, attributed the phenomenal success of the project in such a short time to use of technology and the aspirations of local people to achieve economic development.

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