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December 5, 2016
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December 5, 2016
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Mandate will allow govt to take the right decisions

Ratul Puri, Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects Private Ltd., recently shared his views with Business Today magazine on changes that can be expected as a result of the latest Lok Sabha elections. Speaking to the magazine, Mr. Puri said that the majority-winning party’s mandate is the strongest one seen in recent times, and it would allow the government to take right decisions.

Mr. Puri envisions India on a road to development in the years to follow, quite on the lines of what China achieved. He believes that India can change in the next ten years by following a model similar to that of China, which would mean focusing first on infrastructure, followed by manufacturing, and then services. According to Puri, infrastructure enables manufacturing, and improving infrastructure will drive other developments too. Apart from jobs in the manufacturing sector, construction can also become a major employer in times to come. Citing the example of the Agra expressway, Puri stated that there has been a rise in property prices in Agra over the last three years.

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